Audition F.A.Q.

Q: When do we audition?
A: Usually about two months before a performance. Check the homepage for information on upcoming events.

Q: How do I find out about auditions?
A: The best way is to just check the website for updates, or contact us here.

Q: Do I need to prepare an audition piece?
A: No, not usually. When you arrive at the audition, you'll be asked to fill out a form (name, phone number, experience, etc.). Excerpts from the play will be available. You'll have time to study the excerpt before you're asked to perform in a group. Our auditions are low-key and as comfortable as we can make them.

Q: You usually have at least two different audition times. Do I need to attend both?
A: No. We schedule two different times in order to accommodate everyone. Of course, it certainly doesn't hurt to let the director see you as often as possible, so come both times if you can.

Q: I've never been in a play before. Will I have a chance?
A: Absolutely! Some of our best actors were only at auditions to support a friend and didn't even plan to try out!

Q: Should I read the play before I come?
A: It certainly wouldn't hurt! There are usually copies of the play available at the reference desk of the Marguerite deAngeli Branch Library for you to read.

Q: Does it cost anything to audition?
A: No, but if you are given a part in the play, you will be required to join Lapeer Community Theatre. The cost to become a member is $10 for adults and $5 for anyone under 18.

Q: Is there anything else I should know?
A: Yes. You need to know that being in a production involves a major commitment of time and energy. The rest of the cast depends on you to be at rehearsal and learn your lines. Our audience deserves to see the best performance possible. We work hard to provide the best, and will expect you to do the same.

Q: Where are auditions?
A: Unless otherwise specified, auditions are held at the PIX Theatre in downtown Lapeer, 172 W. Nepessing St.

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