2013 - 2014

Michigan Chillers, The Musical

script by: Sally W. Eilersen
music & lyrics by: Chris Eilersen
directed by: Sally W. Eilersen
performed on: September 27, 28, & 29, and October 4, 5 & 6, 2013


Based on the books by Johnathan Rand, the play joins John as he travels with his niece and nephew seeking inspiration. Encounters with Klowns, Spiders, Gargoyles and Pirates show them that not everything in Michigan is what it seems. Twelve original songs are part of this once in a lifetime event for all ages.


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The Cast and Crew

Kyle Badgley Johnathan Rand
Kendall Hendler Anne Rand
K. D. Krane Angela Rand
Joshua Hansz Nicholas Rand
Lisa Smith Tiffani Rand
Adam Schott Steven Rand
Jeff Rogner Hotel Clerk
Brett Wefel Rhaman
Gracie Delisi Klown Krew
Mackenzie Napier Klown Krew
Adam Schott Klown Krew
Dan Smith Klown Krew
Tom Sparrow Klown Krew
Zac Wieber Klown Krew
Jan Betka Miss Spinne
Gracie Delisi Spiderwoman
Mackenzie Napier Spiderwoman
Zac Wieber Lord Emmanuel
Kathy Manchester Lady Violette
Bett Wefel Lord Henri
Jessica Eldridge Lady Marie
Bill Vanaman Pirate Captain
Tom Sparrow Zombie Pirate Captain
Jan Betka Zombie Pirate
Theresa Brandt Zombie Pirate
Gracie Delisi Zombie Pirate
Mackenzie Napier Zombie Pirate
Dan Smith Zombie Pirate
Becki Woodhams Zombie Pirate
Chris Eilersen Guitar
Kathy Schott Keyboard
Bruce Lawton Bass
Jim Petersen Bass
Katie Schott Flute
T. J. Morris Percussion
Sally Eilersen Director
Chris Eilersen Musical Director
Neomi Buchanan Assistant Director/Stage Manager
Vicki Balabon Scenic Design
Brian Betzold Collaborative Designer
Shelby Smith Artwork
Jenice Groth Choreography
Jessica Eldridge Choreography/Makeup
Susan Lovelette Costumes
Joan Kymber Makeup
Allison Streasik Sound
Kate Grantom Lights
Jordan Reed Follow Spot Operator