2011 - 2012

The Dining Room

written by: A.R. Gurney
directed by: Becki Woodhams
performed on: March 9, 10 & 11, 2012
at the American Legion Hall


The play is set in the dining room of a typical well-to-do household, the place where the family assembles daily for breakfast and dinner and for any and all special occasions. The action is comprised of interrelated scenes and each vignette introduces a new set of people and events: a father lectures his son on grammar and politics; a boy returns from boarding school to discover his mother's infidelity; a senile grandmother doesn't recognize her own sons at Christmas dinner; a daughter, her marriage a shambles, pleads futilely to return home. The varied scenes flow together to create a wonderful theatrical experience of exceptional range, compassionate humor and humanity.


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The Cast and Crew

Jordan Reed Father/Michael/Brewster/Grandfather/Stuart/
Jeff Rogner Client/Howard/Psychiatrist/Ted/Paul/Ben/
Kyle Badgley Arthur/Boy/Architect/Billy/Nick/Fred/Tony/
Neomi Buchanan Agent/Mother/Carolyn/Sandra/Dora/Margery/
Lisa Smith Annie/Grace/Peggy/Nancy/Sarah/Harriet/
Theresa Brandt Sally/Girl/Ellie/Aggie/Winkie/Old Lady/Helen/
Becki Woodhams Director
Joshua Tilley Assistant Director