2010 - 2011

The Jungle Book

written by: Joseph Robinette
directed by: Dan Smith
performed on: December 3, 4, 5 & December 10, 11, 2010


One of literature's most enduring classics is brought vividly to the stage in this exciting adventure of Mowgli, the Indian boy raised by caring wolves, befriended by Bagheera, the panther and Baloo, the bear, and threatened by Shere Kahn, the evil tiger.  Interspersed with the Mowgli tale is the equally intriguing story of young Rudyard Kipling, who is sent home from his home in Bombay to a British boarding school.  There he encounters his own "jungle," including people - both good and otherwise - who parallel many of his animal creations.


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The Cast and Crew

Andre Daniel Rudyard Kipling
Anthony Porritt Fielding
Chandler Sheatzley Hanley
James Howey Willies
Brandon Kreiner Crofts
Chuck Hutchins Price/Akela
Travis Ross Mowgli
Jack Swindell Young Mowgli
Adam Schott Baloo
Brian Jelinski Shere Khan
Nathaniel Desjardins Tabaqui
Zanon Ross Bagheera
Madeline McInnes Kaa
Katy Salwin Hathi
Heather Osip Rahn
Mariana Swindell Messua
Isabella Kanasty Dari
Jonathan Bright Monkeys
Camielle Bull  
Madison Bull  
Rachel Kroll  
Alyssa Hartwell  
Vanessa Sheatzley  
Hayley Hodges  
Heidi Bull  
Parker Bull  
Michelle Badgley  
Isabella Badgley  
Candy Jelinski Wolf Mother
Olivia Phillips Wolf Cub 1
Caoimhe Hartman Wolf Cub 2
Aretha Jelinski Wolf Cub 3
Meredith Sheatzley Wolves
Taylor Cox  
Kara Sparrow  
Tom Sparrow  
Lindsay Phillips  
Rita Hodges  
Courtney Bennett  
Griffin Phillips  
Rod Templeton Set Construction
Dan Kingsbury  
Reed LeDuc  
Brandon Kreiner  
Mike Sheatzley  
Chandler Sheatzley  
Bill Osborne  
Dan Smith Director
Jan Betka Assistant Director/Stage Manager
Lisa Smith Sound Technician
Wes Imel Light Technician
Kim Kingsbury Seamstress Extraordinaire