2006 - 2007

My Way: A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra

written by: David Grapes & Tod Olson
directed by: Denise Dixon
performed on: February 9, 10 & February 16, 17, 2007
at the American Legion Hall


My Way celebrates the mystique of Frank Sinatra and the music he made famous.

My Way: A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra has become the hottest new musical review of the new millennium. Since its world premiere at the Tennessee Repertory Theatre in 2000, My Way has been performed at theatres all across the United States and Canada with over 250 productions having been completed during My Way's first five years of release. Rave reviews and extended runs have made the show one of the fastest growing sensations in musical theatre history. Audiences and critics alike have praised its powerful music, classy style, and easygoing comedy.

Staged on a unit set with an onstage jazz trio, My Way showcases the talents of two men and two women who perform 57 songs that were all recorded by "The Voice" himself - songs that are the heart of the great 20th century American songbook.


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The Cast and Crew

Shannon LaBruyere  
Gary Dixon  
Jackie Edgington  
Bryan Dixon  
Melissa Ogden Musical Director
Kurt Kramer Drums
Don Capman Stand-Up Bass
Denise Dixon Director
Rod Robertson Assistant Director
Corey Gutenschwager Set Construction/Lights and Sound
Sarah Gutenschwager Set Construction
Carl Bengtsson Set Construction