2004 - 2005


book, music, and lyrics by: Dan Goggin
directed by: Debbie Templeton
performed on: September 18, 19 & September 24, 25, 2004


This hilarious international musical hit won the Outer Critics’ Award for the best Off-Broadway musical. Nunsense is a hilarious talent show staged by the five survivors at the Little Sisters of Hoboken nunnery, the rest of the sisters having succumbed to botulism after eating vichyssoise prepared by Sister Julie, Child of God. The remaining “Little Hobos” parade their talents at a variety show staged to raise funds so that the last four of the dearly departed can be buried. The score pulses with merriment, and an unabashed desire to make you laugh, with songs and spontaneous comic interludes paced at break-neck speed. Nunsense offers a cornucopia of hilarity for the whole family, proving conclusively that nun rhymes with fun.


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The Cast and Crew

Mollie Jones Reverend Mother
Christine Wachendorfer Sister Hubert
Kathy Manchester Sister Robert Anne
Sally Eilersen Sister Amnesia
Melissa Ogden Sister Mary Leo
Cathleen Arnold Sister Mary Louisa (backstage manager)
Barbara Modrack Sister Eunice TeriAnne (Amnesia's friend, usher)
Sally Eilersen "Supernun Video" Actors
Neil Francek  
Loraine Hoxie  
Kathy Manchester  
Barbara Modrack Usher Nuns
Patricia Waugh  
Donna Colt  
Candace Purk  
Jenine Schlautman  
Cheryl Burnside Piano
Eric Eilersen Percussion
Chris Eilersen Acoustic Guitar
Jim Peterson Bass Guitar
Debbie Templeton Director
Charleen Watros Assistant Director
Cheryl Burnside Musical Director
Pam Broyles Choreographer
Jessica Sadler Dance Captain
Christie Jones Stage Manager
Cathleen Arnold Backstage Manager Nun
Loraine Hoxie Props
Adam Swords Videographer
Rod Templeton Sound Tech
Ron Lewis Lighting Tech
Rob Reese Spot Operator
Set Design Debbie Templeton