2009 - 2010

The Pajama Game

based on the book by: George Abbott & Richard Bissell
directed by: Rebecca Kennedy
performed on: September 18, 19, 20 & September 25, 26, 2009


The dangers of a workplace romance are explored to hysterical effect in this romantic comedy from the creators of “Damn Yankees.” Conditions at the Sleep-Tite Pajama Factory are anything but peaceful, as sparks fly between new superintendent Sid Sorokin and Babe Williams, leader of the union grievance committee. Their stormy relationship comes to a head when the workers strike for a 7½-cent pay increase, setting off not only a conflict between management and labor, but a battle of the sexes as well.


Photo Gallery

The Cast and Crew

Tom Sparrow Sid Sorokin
Wei Li Crawford Babe Williams
Dan Romzek Hinez
Jill Hubbard Mabel
Holly Halabicky Gladys
Richard Miller Prez
Rod Robertson Hasler
Adam Schott Max
Nathan Osburn Joe/First Helper
Joe Adamson Charley
Stan Crawford Pop
Chester Proctor Chet/Second Helper
Heidi Bull Poopsie
Allison Streasick Mae
Tia Swart Brenda
Olivia Halabicky Mara/ "Steam Heat" Dancer
Candy Jelinski Carmen
Scott Jasman Xavier
Samantha Dunn Virginia
Katie Bohms Mary
Leyna Burel Doris
Suzanne Watkins Charlene
Gabby Green "Steam Heat" Dancer
Rebecca Kennedy Director
Jan Betka Assistant Director
Beth Walsh Music Director
Julianne Sommers Choreographer
Kathy Manchester Stage Manager
Noelle Kennedy Junior Assistant Director
Doreen Raynak Crew
Zac Schmidlin Crew