2011 - 2012

The Ripper Show

written by: Frank Hatherley & Jeremy Barlow
directed by: Sally Eilersen
performed on: October 22, 23 & October 29, 30, 2011


Set in 1889, The Ripper Show tells the story of the Sharpe Family Players. They are touring their famous Sharpe's Short Shakespeare. Their ludicrously brief Richard III flops, so young Charlie Sharpe embarks on a blood-and-guts musical version of the Ripper story, last year's horror news from London. A serial killer who sings! What can go wrong?


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The Cast and Crew

Jim Petersen Algernon P. Sharpe
Kathy Manchester Florence Sharpe
Adam Schott Charlie Sharpe
Allison Streasick Jane Sharpe
Brett Wefel Mr. Barclay, Poet
Sally Eilersen Director
Betty Smith Musical Director
Vicki Balabon Designer/Set Construction
Syndney Schroeder Assistant Directory/Stage Manager