2008 - 2009

Robin Hood

written by: Dan Goggin
directed by: Michelle Badgley
performed on: April 17, 18 & April 24, 25, 2009


In a land where the rich get richer and the poor are starving, Prince John wants to cut down Sherwood Forest to put up an arms manufactory, a slaughterhouse and a tennis court for the well to do. This bawdy epic unites elements of wild farce and ancient mythologies with an environmentalist assault on the arrogance of wealth and power in the face of poverty and hunger using feeble and insane jesters, a demonic snake oil salesman, a corrupt and lascivious court, a singer of eerie ballads, a gluttonous lusty friar and a world of other grotesque characters out of a Brueghel painting. Maid Marian loses her clothes and her illusions among the poor and Robin tries to avoid murder and elude the Dark Monk of the Wood who is Death and perhaps something more.


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The Cast and Crew

Kyle Badgely Robin Hood
DeAnna Ziots Maid Marian

Merry Men
Terry Kosiara Alan a'Dale
Chuck Hutchins Will Scarlet
Dan Smith Friar Tuck
Joshua Tilley Little John/Ghost
TJ Salvador Will Stutley
Amber Pool Lady Quigley
Prince John's Men  
William Vanaman Dark Monk/King Richard
Mike Powell Prince John/Flint
Delmar Childs Sheriff of Nottingham
Douglas Bloodgood Constable Watt/Sir Stephen
Denise Sherwin Queen Eleanor
Monique Tilley Bronwen
Andre Daniel Cruikshank
Nathaniel Desjardins Redcap
Zachary Childs Yorick/Grok
Cindy Childs Eadom
Meghan Graney Ellen/Brekka
Kristin Brandt Jenny/Sally
Chester Proctor Cootie the Drunk
Candelaria Jelinski Crazy Betty
Mary Bickles Gwenny
Theresa Brandt Old Gummy Granny
Margaret Hales Prioress
Paige Ekstrom Sister Felicity
Ashley Mazen Townsfolk
Marcus McCreedy Townsfolk
Nola McCreedy Townsfolk
Matt Terry Townsfolk
Dan Ziots Townsfolk
Michelle Badgley Director
Roxanne Wermuth Asst. Director/Stage Manager
Kassandra Vollmers Asst. Stage Manager
Jessica Childs Backstage Hand
Kim Kingsbury Backstage Hand/Costumes
Dan Graney Backstage Hand
Shanni Friedli Lights/Sound
Master Eric Ross Combat Coordination