2008 - 2009

Stocking Stuffers

written by: Geff Moyer
directed by: Dan Smith
performed on: December 12, & December 19, 20, 21, 2008
at the American Legion Hall


What do you get when you combine classic holiday characters with human frailties - a smash hit that has them rolling in the aisle. These six wonderful holiday scenes use satire and comedy to reveal the meaning of Christmas. All of the characters that you love and enjoy are here, starting with the first scene where Uncle Sam, Easter Bunny, Cupid, Ezekiel the Pilgrim, and Hagatha the Witch are envious of the popularity of Santa Claus, only to be won over by a twist of fate. The second scene depicts Donner and Blitzen, who have been exercising during the off-season because they are tired of bringing up the rear of the pack, all because of a song. The third scene depicts Talking Cathy, with four talking dolls ordained to speak "insignificant - one dimensional" phrases. While three are content with their lives, one realizes that they can make a difference in the world, if only they decided to speak out. In the fourth scene we watch two elves on break, as they learn that Santa has decided to hire females in the shop - their transition is revealing. In the fifth scene we join Barbie and G. I. Joe, as they discuss Barbie's potential break-up with Ken in this love triangle that pits rough and tough against tender and sensitive. And the sixth scene culminates in a trial of the reindeer that ran over Grandma with the entrance of Scrooge as the prosecuting attorney.


Photo Gallery


The Cast and Crew

Michelle Badgley Easter Bunny
Chuck Hutchins Uncle Sam & GI Joe
Lorie Powell Hagatha
Cailin Chrismer Cupid
Jim Baier Ezekiel & Judge
Andre Daniel Young Elf
Terry Kosiara Cowboy Elf
Stan Crawford Yiddish Elf & Scrooge
Emilee Powell Female Elf
Noelle Kennedy Doll 1
Jenna Piontkowski Doll 2
Mary Morrison Doll 3
Kristin Brandt Doll 4
Pat Powell Donner
Mike Powell Blitzen
DeAnna Ziots Barbie
Lorna Reid Grandma
Chester Proctor Bailiff
Monique Morris Egg Nog
Theresa Brandt Medicine Bottle
Dan Smith Director
Kim Kingsbury Assistant Director/Costumes
Gary Dixon Lights & Sound