2009 - 2010

The Vagina Monologues

written by: Eve Ensler
directed by: Michelle Badgley
performed on: November 14, 15 & November 20, 21, 2009
at the American Legion Hall


An Obie Award-winning whirlwind tour of a forbidden zone, The Vagina Monologues introduces a wildly divergent gathering of female voices, including a six-year-old girl, a septuagenarian New Yorker, a vagina workshop participant, a woman who witnesses the birth of her granddaughter, a Bosnian survivor of rape, and a feminist happy to have found a man who "liked to look at it."


Photo Gallery


The Cast and Crew

Cindy Childs Hair
Phyllis Rickabus The Flood
Juliet Stephens The Vagina Workshop
Alisa Grimes Happy/Not So Happy Fact
Jacque Valley Because He Liked to Look at It
DeAnna Ziots My Vagina Was my Village/Woman 3
Erin Caudell My Angry Vagina
Patrice Morgan The Little Coochi Snorcher That Could/Woman 2
Michelle Badgley Reclaiming Cunt
Ilona Curry The Woman Who Loved to Make
Vaginas Happy/Woman 1
Heidi Bull I Was There in the Room/Introductions
Michelle Badgley Director
Doreen Raynak Assistant Director/Stage Manager
Dan Smith Lights/Sound