2005 - 2006

The Wizard of Oz

written by: L. Frank Baum
directed by: Sally Eilersen
performed on: September 24, 25, 30 & October 1, 2, 2005


A contemporary adaptation for the stage of one of America's favorite stories. It's an exciting trip down the Yellow Brick Road to visit the land of Oz with Dorothy, Toto, and all of your favorite Oz characters. Who can resist this charming classic, brought to life on stage once again? Adapted from L. Frank Baum's children's book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, this spectacular version includes all of the beloved songs from the 1939 film.


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The Cast and Crew

Neil Francek The Tinman
Rebecca Kennedy Aunt Em
David Kennedy The Cowardly Lion
Lisa Smith Glinda
Dan Smith The Wizard
Kyle Badgley The Scarecrow
Carl Bengtsson Uncle Henry
Persephone Kruszewski Dorothy
Chere Sanborn The Wicked Witch of the West
Tom Sparrow Guard
Noelle Kennedy Munchkins
Sarah Pontbriand  
Leah MacNaughton  
Alexis Craig  
Reagan Patercsak  
Paige Ekstrom  
Amber De Lorey  
Brittany Mason  
Samantha Pontbriand  
Alexis Gonzales  
Michelle Ekstrom  
Debbie Gonzales  
Lisa Piontkowski  
Toni Heiney  
Morgan Beckley  
Jesse Carie  
Jackson Carie  
Zanon Ross  
Lillian Dickens  
Madeline Dickens  
Hugh Rousseau  
Zachary Childs  
Olivia Patercsak  
Donna Fields  
Madison Ekstrom Winkies
Justin Bowman  
Kylie Ambill  
Jenna Piontkowski  
Chelsea O'Connor  
Asia Titus  
Anastasia Bader  
Brandon Kreiner Winkie General
Jon Kreiner Winkie General
Nicholas Ochburn Winkie General
Morgan Beckley Flying Monkeys
Jesse Carie  
Sarah Tiffany  
Nicole Cannell  
Victoria Hudgins  
Taylor Hudgins  
Kristin Brandt  
Katie Nichols  
Kelsey Lauren Gavalic  
Olivia Patercsak  
Paige Ekstrom Poppies
Morgan Beckley  
Jesse Carie  
Lillian Dickens  
Madeline Dickens  
Skyler J. Bussure Citizens of Oz
Emma P. Bussure  
Marlana Swindell  
Theresa Brandt  
Lynn Van Y  
Hugh Rousseau  
Kerry Rose  
Liz Paige Bussure  
Alexis Paige Warren  
Jennifer Richards  
Jeff E. Bussure  
Chris Olson  
Jan Betka  
Garret Craig Forest Trees
Alexandria Huntley  
Erica Jones  
Lacey Bond  
Dave Tomrell  
Jim Baier  
Halley Davison  
Joshua Nichols  
Michelle Pfeiffer  
Kyle Gavulic  
Marlena Swindell Apple Trees
Theresa Brandt  
Kerry Rose  
Liz Paige Bussure  
Jennifer Richards  

Michelle Pfeiffer

Sally Eilersen Director
Christine Wachendorfer Assistant Director
Melissa Ogden Musical Director
Eric Eilersen Percussionist
Mollie Jones Set and Costume Design
Wendy Miller Choreography
Jessica Sadler Choreography
Debbie Templeton Production Manager
Katie Aasland Props Manager
Bill Vanaman Stage Manager
Ron Lewis Lighting and Sound
Rod Templeton Set Construction Manager