2007 - 2008

Having A Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Her

written by: William Van Zandt and Jane Milmore
directed by: Michael Powell
performed on: March 27, 28, 29, & 30, 2008


This wild bedroom farce involves infidelity, double standards, midnight rendezvous and a hungry bear. Danny and Kathy halt their night of sultry passion when Kathy reveals she is dating another man. Paul and Jennifer play a mad slapstick scene of frustration because she is reluctant to cheat on her husband. Bill and Mary, a couple about to celebrate their twenty ninth wedding anniversary are at odds: Mary yearns for a night of passion while Bill yearns to be left alone. To make matters more interesting, Paul's best friend is Danny who is married to Jennifer who is having an affair with Paul who is dating Kathy who is Danny's mistress and Jennifer's sister. And... in Act Two they all spend the weekend at Bill and Mary's.


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The Cast and Crew

Pat Powell Danny
DeAnna Ziots Kathy
Kyle Badgley Paul
Michelle Badgley Jennifer
Rod Robertson Bill
Denise Sherwin Mary
Michael Powell Director
Cindy Childs Assistant Director
Andrea White Stage Manager
Kassandra Vollmers Assistant Stage Manager
Anna Tallman Stage Crew
Shawna Kilborn Lighting Operator
Shana Friedli Sound Operator
Leo Paveglio Set Design/Construction
Carl Bengtsson  
Delmar Childs  
Dan Wolfe  
Jay Wolfe  
Rod Robertson  
Cory Gutenschwager  
Andrea White  
Michael Powell  
Cindy Childs  
Chester Proctor  
Jessica Childs  
Collin Vollmers