2006 - 2007

The Christmas Angel

written by: James DeVita
co-directed by: Mary Bengtsson & Mollie Jones
performed on: December 1 - 3 & December 8, 9, 2006


Nothing is going right this Christmas. Young Peter is not looking forward to Christmas at Grandma's. He can't find the very special present that Grandpa promised him just before he passed away and he is taking it out on everyone and everything around him. Peter's cousin, Hannah, has decided never to talk to anyone ever again and invents her own sign language to communicate. Hannah's mom, Ginny, is very, very pregnant. Uncle Mike is being a grump in the kitchen. Grandma's two older sons return home to a sibling rivalry that has never really left them. Aunt Bop shows up and so do the police. In the middle of all of this, Grandma is coping with her first Christmas without Grandpa, trying to keep everyone calm and happy and, at the same time, trying to do absolutely everything for everybody who walks in the house -- as only a grandmother can do. As the mayhem grows, the Christmas reunion quickly turns to chaos and the family short-circuits -- along with every light and electrical system in the house. When the commotion seems ready to explode, the family receives a well-deserved visit from a very special, very quirky angel, who helps this very special and just as quirky family rediscover the true meaning of Christmas. Any family who has ever experienced a chaotic holiday gathering will delight in The Christmas Angel.


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The Cast and Crew

Mildred Eberle Grandma (Barbara)
Michael Powell Russell
Rod Robertson Rick
Theresa Brandt Ginny
Zachary Childs Peter
Mackenzie Hirth Hannah
Jim Baier Uncle Mike
Joan Hecht Aunt Bop
Wei Li Crawford Michele
Mary Bengtsson Director
Mollie Jones Director/Costumes
Cindy Childs Stage Manager
Jenine Schlautman Backstage Manager/Props
Erica Jones Backstage Sound/Props
Shana Friedli Lighting
Dave Tomrell Sound
Cailin Chrismer Makeup
Carl Bengtsson Set Design/Construction
Rodney Templeton Set Design/Construction